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The epitome of culinary excellence and hospitality innovation is back– AAHAR 2024!

One of the leading B2B food and hospitality events, AAHAR is hosted by the prestigious India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) and provides an unparalleled opportunity for industry participants to demonstrate their skills, establish alliances, and discover new trends. We at CHL Worldwide understand the importance of this occasion. We are excited to provide our unique stall design and fabrication services to you in order to make a lasting impression at AAHAR 2024.

About AAHAR 2024

Gourmet delight and hospitality genius come together at AAHAR, the International Food & Hospitality Fair. It's more than just an event. From March 7th to 11th, 2024, the 38th edition of AAHAR will take place against the famous backdrop of Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. AAHAR, a highly esteemed food and hospitality event in Asia, has experienced rapid expansion over the years, becoming a sought-after gathering place for both international suppliers and astute sourcing experts.

How to Choose the Right Language Interpretation Services for Automation Expo

This guide will help you choose the right language interpretation services for the aahar international food hospitality fair. If you know what you want, make it clear, and get ready and work with others, your event will be awesome.

Why AAHAR 2024 Matters

Elevated to the pinnacle of culinary events, AAHAR 2024 offers industry participants unmatched chances to network, cooperate, and take advantage of new trends. For anyone looking to make a big impression in the ever-changing food and hospitality industry, whether they are seasoned pros or up-and-coming business owners, taking part in AAHAR is a must. AAHAR creates an environment that is conducive to meaningful interactions, business transformations, and a wealth of exhibitors and educational sessions.

CHL Worldwide's Custom Solutions for AAHAR 2024

We at CHL Worldwide understand how critical it is to stand out in the crowded AAHAR 2024 landscape. We make a great effort in crafting our bespoke stall design and fabrication services to improve your items, pull in customers, and match the style of your brand. We go above and beyond to transform your idea into an unforgettable event that makes an impact on attendees, thanks to our team of seasoned professionals and creative flair.

Key Features of Our Services

We apply our one-of-a-kind creativity to all aspects of stall design , from ideation to execution, to ensure that your booth stands out from the crowd.

We prioritize detailed workmanship to produce elegant, long-lasting booths by using state-of-the-art technologies and luxurious materials.

Our professionals optimize booth layouts to facilitate seamless operation, in order to maximize visitor contact, and enhance the overall experience.

Your brand identity is our priority. We seamlessly integrate your brand elements, messaging, and aesthetics into the stall design , creating a cohesive and impactful presence.

From design conceptualization to on-site installation, we offer end-to-end solutions, allowing you to focus on your core objectives while we handle the logistics.

Why Choose CHL Worldwide


CHL Worldwide offers unmatched knowledge to the table due to its years of experience in event marketing and branding. This ensures perfect execution and outstanding outcomes.

A client-centric strategy

Your happiness is our first priority. Our strong collaboration with customers allows us to fully comprehend their specific needs and preferences in order to provide exceptional, custom solutions.


Innovation and originality are what keep us alive. In order to provide cutting-edge solutions that make an impression on guests, our team pushes the boundaries of traditional design.

Prompt Delivery

We recognize the significance of meeting deadlines. Our efficient procedures and careful preparation allow us to guarantee on-time delivery without sacrificing quality.

All-Inclusive Support

We don't stop with installation. We offer complete assistance throughout the event, taking care of any issues and guaranteeing a smooth operation from beginning to end.

Take advantage of CHL Worldwide's unmatched stall design and fabrication capabilities as the countdown to AAHAR 2024 gets underway to present your brand in all its grandeur. As we together traverse the ever-changing terrain of cuisine and hospitality, let us be your partner for success. Having CHL Worldwide on your side will help you command attention, make an impression, and elevate your presence at AAHAR 2024. Reach out to us right now, and together we can set out on a path of originality, ingenuity, and unmatched skill.