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Capitalize on Untapped Opportunities at Anuga Select India with CHL Worldwide

What is Anuga Select India?

Inspired by the success of ANUFOOD India and upholding the esteemed legacy of Anuga as a worldwide culinary leader, Anuga Select India will spotlight India's rich food heritage. This revamped event will showcase cutting-edge products, emerging trends, and lucrative business opportunities while celebrating India's culinary treasures.

Types of Companies at Anuga Select India

Anuga Select India attracts a diverse range of companies, including

  • Food Manufacturers

    Showcasing innovative products and traditional favorites.

  • Beverage Producers

    Featuring the finest beverages from across India.

  • Packaging Companies

    Highlighting the latest in food and beverage packaging solutions.

  • Ingredient Suppliers

    Presenting high-quality ingredients essential for food production.

  • Technology Providers

    Demonstrating cutting-edge food production and processing technologies.

  • Retail Chains

    Looking for new products to stock their shelves.

  • Exporters

    Promoting Indian food products to the global market.

  • Startups

    Introducing fresh ideas and novel products to the industry.

  • Startups

    Introducing fresh ideas and novel products to the industry.

  • Logistics Providers

    Offering solutions for efficient food supply chain management.

  • Service Providers

    Including consultants, marketers, and other professionals supporting the food industry.

CHL Worldwide Can Help You with Stall Designing, Fabrication & Interpretation at Anuga Select India

Stall Designing

We focus on creating a design that will resonate with potential customers and embody the essence of your business. Our creative designs enthrall and create a welcoming atmosphere for all meetings and networking purposes.

Stall Fabrication

We guarantee precision and quality in every stall through intricate fabrication procedures. Each component utilized keeps up with the latest in technology, creating an engaging configuration that stands out in the cutthroat Anuga Select India marketplace.

Interpretation Services

We also provide expert interpretation services for events which can help remove language barriers and facilitate effective communication. Our translators combine language expertise and industry know-how to ensure efficient communication in all avenues.

Exhibit with CHL Worldwide For

Our unique stall designs align with your goals and brand.

End-to-End Services

From design to manufacturing to event planning, we take care of everything.

Our industry experience ensures services that cater to every nuance of the field.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that you will receive assistance and service at every turn.

Combine our expertise and your quality to maximize your visibility at Anuga Select India.
Get in touch with us right now to learn more about how we can support you.