• 5 Ways to Boost Digital Marketing through Direct Mail

5 Ways to Boost Digital Marketing through Direct Mail

Digital marketing is all the rage now. Understandably, when the majority of your customers spend time on the internet, where else would you put your marketing efforts than on the internet. Also, digital marketing is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing.

Everything said about digital marketing is true. But, not all the times we get the results we expect from digital marketing. Relying solely on internet marketing is thus problematic.

In traditional marketing, one of the most effective marketing channels is ‘Direct Mailing.’ Though the marketing channel has been ignored by many businesses now, it has one of the highest ROI across channels.

Direct mail has one of the highest response rates, even higher than the social media, email and paid search combined. According to Direct Marketing and Analytics, response to direct mail is 5.1% per household.

What would happen if you integrate your digital strategies with direct mailing? The result would be a big boost to your digital marking efforts.

Here are five ways how you can boost your digital marketing through direct mail.
    • Personalised URLs

Combining digital and direct mail is a powerful way to achieve results. With digital marketing, you can have data acuity and accountability. But, with the integration of direct mail with digital elements in it, you can bring tangibility to your digital efforts. One way you can do this is by placing personalised URLs (PURLs) in the digital mail copy. These PURLs are specific for the individual whom you are targeting. You can use PURLs to collect data regarding the individual and shoot another mail with the best offers for your products or services.

    • Target Dropped Cart Transactions

There may be many reasons why an individual chose to abandon the cart. To bring back the customer, you might have placed targeted digital ads or social media ads, yet there was no response. Here is where a direct mail will help you bring back the potential customer. As direct mail has a high opening rate, chances are the potential customer will read it. In the mail copy, you can offer personalized coupon codes or offer codes which the individual can redeem at your site. Thus, through direct mail, you are bringing the customer to your digital realm. Any good digital marketing agency will help you with this.

    • Cross-Media Campaigns For Better Response

You can increase the response rate for your products or services by undertaking cross-media campaigning. While putting out an ad on the digital media, you can create a similar ad with slightly different copy and design in a direct mail campaign. Known as the ‘one-two punch,’ this cross-media ad repetition is shown to increase the response rate.

    • Integrate Direct Mail With Social Media

Ask any online advertising agency you will get a response that integrating direct mail data with your social media you can boost your digital marketing efforts. With this, you can place hyper-targeted ads on social media platforms.

    • Overcome Digital Shortcomings with Direct Mail

Digital marketing has become ubiquitous, but with its rise came many ways to block it. People now have tools to block digital ads, unsubscribe buttons on emails, and a whole lot of settings to avoid your ads. You can be overcome these problems and make people respond to your ads with direct mailing. It garners immediate attention than digital ads.

To Conclude

Integrating direct mail and digital marketing is a powerful strategy to generate leads and boost your sales.

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