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Brochure is a portable advertisement for your brand or business; it is the window through which your client gets a direct look at the goods and services provided by you. It can be left at local businesses, passed out at exhibition events and given out to anybody who is interested in knowing more about your company. Brochures should be well designed to make your business seem stable and professional as they make a profound impression. The brochure should contain all the details in a crisp manner and a design that can strike the delicate balance between classic and contemporary trends and grab the attention of the customers.

We CHL Worldwide offer state-of-the-art brochure design services, we provide you with a holistic range of design services. Our design proficiency expands to areas like designing brochures or flyers for marketing and sales, etc. We believe that brochure designing is not just about creativity and innovation, but is also of skillfulness. We are having years of knowledge and experience in the field of brochure designing services and are the most sought-after firm.

Our Services

Our brochure designs comprise of the perfect layout and efficacious delivery of the business message and observation towards the needs of the target audience. Our team of skilled and innovative designers works delicately to determine the most appropriate theme for your business needs. We serve you to the fullest; our brochure designs include unique folds and cuts as well as embossed brochures, etc. We use the very latest technologies to produce the best-in-class output and also offer tailor-made solutions, keeping your unique requirements in mind.

Creative Designs

We offer a wide range of creative brochure designs that cater to diverse client requirements, ranging from sole entrepreneurs to large enterprises. Some of our designs include-

  • E-brochures
  • A5 booklets brochure
  • Z fold, Bi-fold, tri-fold and Dimensional Lengthwise (DL) brochures
Brochure Design Process

We analyze your creative brochure design brief and take target info into account and decide on the best possible approach. Our brochure design workflow includes the following steps-

  • Briefing: We understand your need by taking a briefing from you and obtaining previous samples and copy to be included on the design. Input can be received via email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Drop box.
  • Work Allocation: Designers, illustrators, account Manager etc. are designated to the project.
  • Design: We have professional graphic designers who carry out the brochure designing using Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Quality Check: Our quality assurance team performs multiple quality checks on the finished designs to meet client's ISO quality standards and SLA benchmarks.
  • Output: Final designs are uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Drop box in the client's preferred format for review.
Why Us?

We provide you with the best brochure designing services that are eye-catching, informative and crisp. Your brochure will have the right tone, language and decibel to persuade your target audience to buy your product or services. Not just bi-fold brochure design or tri-fold brochure design, our brochure designs aim at creating a piece that vividly presents your company’s philosophy and culture inducing buyers to purchase them.

  • Technique and Creativity: We distinctly understand every aspect of a creative brochure design, including comprehensiveness, branding, competition awareness, information delivery technique, industry specific design trends etc. We translate the design brief or design requirement into a creative output which fulfills your requirement and expectation.
  • Talented Team: Our talented team of designers ensures that the style, overall look and feel of the brochure is an extension of your brand identity. We encourage your participation during all stages of the project process such as initial briefing, design concept, finalizing the design, choosing correct images and the final development.
  • Cost-effectiveness: We offer up to 60 percent cost savings as our brochure designing services are very cost effective and we design according to your budget. We provide the best job at the best pricing available.
  • Quick Turnaround: We can design brochures in 24- 48 hours. However, the turnaround time can vary and it solely depends upon the project requirement.
  • Experienced Resources: Our brochure design team consists of skilled designers, illustrators etc., with many years of experience, skilled and trained to work on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, etc.
  • Progress Updates: Our designated account managers maintain an open communication throughout the course of the project development and keep you updated about our progress.
  • Secure Data: We use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload and download images for ensuring the data security and ensure General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.
  • Quality Checks: We perform multiple quality checks during the course of a project to ensure and eliminate any possibilities of errors and mistakes and delivering the highest quality output.
  • Work Ease: We offer 100 percent customization, 24/6 support, up to 2 revisions at no additional cost, work in your specific time zone with our professional Account Managers.

So, if you like to create the perfect brochure with the best brochure designing services and enhance your brand image rather than eroding it, then call us today @ +91 9818333952 or +91-120-4613200 to discuss your project. Our brochure designers have helped hundreds or even thousands of businesspeople like you to create brochure designs. You can also drop an email at info@chlworldwide.com with your queries and we will soon get back to you.

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