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Advertising Trends in 2024 to Keep an Eye On



There are new platforms, technologies and trends every day. The leading integrated advertising agency in India adapt to the changing circumstances by updating their strategy. As digital marketing is developing all the time, it needs a lifetime of learning and flexibility so that at any given moment one could stay ahead.

Already, artificial intelligence is redefining how marketers measure data and personalize content selection as well as automate certain processes. As for the future of AI development, we can speak about it being more used by marketers because such product would allow them to do personalised experiences at scale and make data driven decisions.

 If marketers were to understand the power of artificial intelligence and how it may transform their industry, they could stay ahead of the curve and adapt accordingly. Such proactive action will give them a cutting edge and also make sure that they are prepared for an evolving marketing world of 2024 or even beyond.

The leading integrated advertising agency in Delhi is giving you an insight into the new trends that will rule 2024.

Social Media Trends in 2024

This upcoming year, social media is bound to be interesting as different platforms vie for the attention of users and redefine what it means successful. During the continued spat over X (formerly Twitter), newcomers such as Instagram Threads and Bluesky have entered an arena that could change leadership.

  • Rising Influence of Threads

Meta’s Threads, rolled out in July 2023 is gaining more ground; already boasting one hundred million monthly users. Threads is a competing app to X which focuses on text updates and group discussions. Brands would be able generate the most out of this platform that has been continuously growing in terms of users by having their own profile there. Companies like TedTalks and Canva have already created their profiles to interact with users.

  • Comparing Engagement and Retention Rates

Thus, one trend that stands out over all the others is this shift from engagement to retention as marketers battle falling organic social media engagement numbers. 2024 is the year when advertisers will strive for engaging, informative and interesting information to keep viewers interested. Social media companies could try out lengthier videos to attract viewers.

  • LinkedIn's dominance in organic reach

LinkedIn’s organic interaction is anticipated to increase as it has over a billion users around the world. Users are sharing their wisdom on life skills, advice, stories, and more with their network. The top integrated advertising agency in India is using the platform to market their brands to new potential clients.

  • AI Integration for Social Media

Social media marketing is starting to leverage AI for social post generation and campaign concepting. Some of the social media sites where AI features are being implemented include stickers on Instagram, personalised feeds on TikTok, and even helping people write profiles with an AI. However, adopting AI poses threats to ethics and privacy. Finally, companies must also think about how their target audience will perceive AI-generated content and the laws that might soon be enacted.

Evolution of SEO: User-Centric and Technology-Driven

There are major transformations occurring in the SEO industry. It is pointing to a future where technology takes centre stage and everything is more user-centric. 2024 is predicted to be a substantial shift in artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning will play key roles in enabling search engines to provide results that align with user intent.

  • Upgrades to SGE in Google’s search engine

A major SEO trend for 2024 is the development of Google’s Search Generative Engine (SGE). SGE employs generative AI to give consumers more detailed and relevant results based on queries, with the aim of enhancing search. The engine provides conversational mode and pertinent link introductions to facilitate user-user communication. 2024 is tentatively slated to be the roll-out of “AI snapshots," which are predicted to impact web clickthrough rates.

  • The Importance of Content Quality in Search Results

2024 will increase the meaning of creating interesting and noteworthy information. If material is generated through AI, it must be of higher quality in order to appear prominently in the search results. The top integrated advertising agency in Delhi talks about how important it is to increase efforts in content development. There is a definite need for creating material that leads to sharing and engaging.

  • The Functionality of Backlinks in SEO and Google’s Stance

Even with the rumours that backlinks are becoming less significant, Google continues to consider them as signs of popularity. Backlinks are not integral ranking factors but can be helpful, especially since Google wants to cross-reference AI snapshots with sources throughout the web.

  • The EEAT Framework by Google

Google has also placed an additional “E” for experience in its EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) structure within the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. This emphasises the advantages of real-world experience. Since AI cannot simulate, this allows human content marketers to gain an obvious advantage.

  • Focus on User Experience and Conversion Rate (UX)

While it is impossible to predict changes in Google’s SERP dynamics, the top integrated advertising agency in India is able to impact UX for the sake of increasing their CTR. However, they pay special attention to details because page speed and the overall user experience are important factors that affect the probability of turning site visitors into customers.

  • Professional Advice for Handling Trends

Monitor new features on social media and observe how other firms are utilising them to their benefit. Test threads, focus on retention over engagement, capitalise on social networks, and be careful when implementing artificial intelligence into your strategy. Monitor analytics on a regular basis and tweak your strategy in response to changing trends in the ever-changing world of social media.