• Types of Ads that Influence People Most

Types of Ads that Influence People Most

To tell you the truth, there is not a single type of advertising that would create the most impact and lead your brand to success. There are varieties of advertising mediums that optimize the consumer response rate. As we are becoming a single integrated market due to globalization, we are still a multidimensional society with unique tastes. You have mix and match different type of advertising channels to create the maximum impact. CHL worldwide provides multiple advertising mediums as your brand strategy for the target audience and your business's growth.

As the leading advertising agency in Noida , we have broken some of the most popular advertising types that will help you take your brand to heights in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

  • Social Media With the advent of the digital age, millions of people are hooked to social media. Social media is undoubtedly the killer advertising platform that helps you gain the maximum brand recognition with a little bit of costs involved. Don’t think of social media as the sole domain of Millennials. In fact, people of all ages are using social media to keep themselves informed about different activities and information. This help the brand create interest in their product by promoting through social media with their brand account or with the help of social media influencers. The cost of ROI is maximum through social media. If you want to portray your brand in social media, the best Advertising Agency Noida can help you develop a marketing campaign that gets you the maximum eyeballs.
  • Print MediaHowever, as we know, various businesses have started allocating their advertising budgets towards the internet and other channels, but you can’t dismiss the print media as an advertising platform. If you doubt whether the print media advertising is still lucrative, then we can tell you that it still holds its worth. Online advertisements have a shelf-life of a few weeks or months, but print media campaigns can never go out of fashion. They also offer you a security from the authenticated brand campaign and distinguish you from the rest.
  • Television Oh! Television advertising has created a niche for itself. It is still the top dog compared to the competition. Television advertising has the potential to reach the large number of people across various demographics. Whether it is national or local broadcasting, your product can engage with your audience through their local language and culture. We know that television advertising is still expensive for some, but regional channels have also created a space for themselves where they offer an allotment of their slots at affordable costs. Advertising on television will give your brand instant credibility, and you can generate unique local advertisements for your demographics.
  • Radio Radio is also an alternative to television platform as more and more people are tuning to these. Now Radio stations are not just the platform for disbursing news, information, and musical programs; in fact, they have become the go-to medium for all small and large businesses. Every radio show caters to a different target audience, and that allows the advertisers to create a target audience based commercial. You can also engage with your audience by holding a live contest for them and giving prizes or coupons of your product or services. The best advertising agency in Noida creates exemplary advertising programs for radios that draw huge responses from the audience. Compared to the advertising via newspaper or television, radio is surely the bargain hunter’s dream for your brand.
  • Direct Mail Direct mail had been the source of advertising for businesses for quite a long time. We have already seen mail dropping of different brands in our letterboxes or pamphlets or notices of various brands coming inside the magazine or newspapers (the newspaper vendor places them). If you advertise through direct mail, then it is highly targeted and customized. Because you already have researched a particular small segment of demographics and you can use these analytics to target the audience at large. You can even customize the advertisements by sending them a greeting with their names on it! Also, direct mail's success rate can be measured- either you get a response, or you don’t. You can increase your profitability by including a special offer on the products. This medium of advertising is affordable and guaranteed to get you a response.
  • Email Advertising agency in Noida creates super cost-effective, catchy, and exceptional email newsletters or marketing campaigns that surely catches the audience's eye. The email advertising platform is time-efficient, personalized, and also offers the best ROI. You have to create a modern and witty email to not become a part of a mass exodus into the recycling bin or get lost among the shuffle.

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