• Which is better for your business? ATL vs BTL Advertising: Pros and Cons

Which is better for your business? ATL vs BTL Advertising: Pros and Cons

In the fields of marketing and advertising, there are three main actions employed by marketers. These advertising initiatives may be divided into three categories: Well above Line (ATL), Below the Line (BTL), and Through the Line (TTL). These ATL, BTL, and TTL marketing initiatives are confusing to laypeople. Above the line (ATL) advertising essentially uses mass media to connect with the target audience. Direct marketing or one-to-one marketing is referred to as underneath-the-line (BTL) marketing, as per the top BTL agency, BTL agency in Delhi.

Due to technology development and company growth, the line (TTL), which combines ATL and BTL advertising operations, was formed. Follow every one of these advertising and marketing strategies while keeping in mind the goals and resources of the company.

What does "Above the Line Marketing" entail?

Above-the-line marketing, also known as above-the-line advertising or above-the-line promotion, is a form of advertising that aids businesses in the use of mass marketing techniques. To accomplish the corporate goals, the overall market is addressed in ATL activities.

Advertising that is Above the Line

People utilize radio ratio, the oldest form of communication when they are driving, working, and at home. Therefore, advertisements have a variety of ways to talk to their clients about their goods and services. Due to its low cost, radio is a fantastic marketing tool. Even with a little advertising budget, small businesses may employ this sort of promotion.


The average person spends 3 to 4 hours watching television, according to Neilson's research. TV is an excellent medium to boost your brand's visibility if you want to promote your goods and brand there.

Local companies can buy airtime through TV advertising, including legal offices, accountants, saloons, and many more. In order to draw clients, this form of advertising offers both audio and video.

Media in Print (Newspapers and Magazines)

There are local, regional, and national outlets for this kind of media. This platform may assist companies in narrowing their market focus and boosting brand recognition. Newspapers provide a variety of predefined slots from which one may select according to their brand and product.

Benefits of ATL Advertising Attract Clientele

The decision-making process of consumers is greatly influenced by audiovisual advertisements, such as those on TV and the radio. People are more engaged when they watch television shows, dramas, and news while also listening to music and live calls.

They also continue to listen to advertising during this process, which influences their choices. The same advertisements draw more attention from consumers if they see them in newspapers and magazines.


ATL advertising strategies may reach a bigger audience if marketers and company owners use them efficiently. For instance, to increase brand awareness and exposure, retail businesses regularly run ATL ads.

Building a brand. Advertising efforts in the mass media are crucial for boosting brand recognition. Spreading the brand word to the general public utilizing a range of ATL propaganda campaigns is one of the crucial tasks of marketers.

It is not required to use all ATL outlets at once; instead, you should begin gradually and monitor the performance of your brand.

Shifting Trends in ATL Marketing Drawbacks

Radio, television, magazines, and journals were once the sole forms of advertising. However, current trends have already altered in favour of online periodicals and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Any form of mass media advertising is expensive. Small and medium-sized firms are unable to operate these campaigns continually because it is not a one-time activity.

ROI measurement challenges. There is no reliable way to assess how effective ATL campaigns are. There is no assurance that a buyer would be drawn to the TVC and purchase a product.

How Does BTL Marketing Work?

A direct advertising method to contact the targeted customers is below-the-line marketing, which also includes below-the-line advertising and below-the-line promotion. BTL agencies in Bangalore allows businesses to advertise their products and services through channels other than Television commercials, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc.

Door-to-door solicitation

Door-to-door activities pertain to the personalization of product and service sales. Companies have traditionally used this kind of marketing. Here, businesses cultivate client relationships in a more favourable way. To persuade clients, highly skilled sales personnel are needed. An insurance policy is a good illustration of door-to-door marketing when sales representatives walk door-to-door to persuade customers to purchase an insurance policy.

Marketing through Direct Mail

If used correctly, direct mail marketing may be a successful kind of advertising. He can develop a message that can reverberate if a skilled copywriter is employed. BTL advertising is less expensive than above-the-line marketing campaigns, regardless of the campaign size.

Utilizing social media

Different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more, are used in these kinds of marketing initiatives. This type of BTL advertising enables businesses to connect with and stay in contact with their target audience. When it comes to below-the-line marketing, social media marketing strategies are quite powerful.

Storefront Marketing

A retailer's location is the setting for this marketing activity, which may include discounts, freebies, pay for one get one free deal, and other sales promotion offerings. In-store promotion is another name for the line of advertising below.

Email Promotion

Below-the-line marketing using email is quite successful. Companies speak with customers directly and send them to a homepage where they may learn more about the good or service. Using various analytical methods, the campaign's effectiveness is easily quantifiable. Since this form of marketing is less expensive, it effectively reaches the intended audience.

Kiosks, pamphlets, and brochures

This is another efficient BTL marketing strategy. This includes flyers, business cards, brochures, and stands showing recently noticed trends.

Building solid customer relationships is an advantage of BLT advertising.

You may speak with clients directly using BLT marketing methods. There are more opportunities to create long-lasting, solid consumer relationships.

Extremely Measurable These marketing initiatives are designed to increase conversion rates. The conversion rate may be measured, and if necessary, BTL campaigns can be adjusted. For instance, how many individuals saw your adverts, clicked on them, and made a purchase.

Additional targeted campaigns

Businesses can increase their conversion rate if they can more precisely target relevant client segments. You may target customers via social media sites based on a variety of criteria, including age, gender, location, and more.

BLT Advertising's drawbacks Cultural understatement.

You should try to comprehend the culture of your target clients before going to them in person and starting a BTL media campaign.

Skilled sales personnel

A skilled sales team is necessary for face-to-face marketing. There are two choices: either you hire knowledgeable employees, or you set up a classroom for sales training. You will pay significant wages, commissions, and fees for each salesperson training program in both situations.

Any decision in marketing is frequently based on the cost. The general norm is that investments in above-the-line activities are substantially higher. The funding required to have an effect will be large because agencies sometimes take a royalty on any chances that are acquired.

Instead of being controlled by market participants with far bigger wallets, below-the-line activities are available to lesser budgets and provide a greater opportunity to everyone. Online advertising is now more expensive than ever before, despite the fact that above-the-line activities have greater expenses.

The measurement between above-the-line and below-the-line actions has been discussed extensively; therefore, this is explained in more detail here. The figure illustrates that adopting below-the-line advertising gives you more options for evaluating your marketing efforts.

This gives you better financial understanding and control. Your results will be considerably impacted by understanding who the target audience is and when they are engaged. Activities below the line provide more data, provide excellent insight, and are dispersed across more channels.

However, it has been established that using above-the-line advertising is not always the greatest strategy for promoting your company. Progressive growth in below-the-line advertising is proving to be highly successful and may also be a fantastic return on investment, despite the fact that it is often considered the fastest way to build brand awareness.

When people actively search for any product or service, find you when they do, and feel that your digital footprint is reliable and optimized, they are more likely to convert. Most conversions begin when a user lands on the appropriate page.

A blog, for instance, has been proved to have a significant impact on people's purchasing decisions. By meeting your audience's demands, you'll be well on your way to future success and the all-important bottom line.

You could see from everything that has been said above that there are many benefits to adopting below-the-line operations to grow your company. More analytics are easily accessible, and marketing and outreach are significantly more effective. In our opinion, below-the-line advertising is the winner because it also contributes significantly to the income of many companies. Knowing what it will perform for your organization is crucial before investing or experimenting without assurance. To help you decide a little bit more easily, we've tried to demonstrate how above-the-line [ATL] and below-the-line, BTL Marketing Company and advertising function.

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