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ATL and BTL Advertising

What Is the Difference Between ATL and BTL Advertising?



The two most common marketing strategies used by the top integrated advertising agency in Delhi to promote any product or brand are Above the line (ATL) and Below the line (BTL).
However, these marketing strategies are different. The main difference lies in the medium of communication. Hence, before selecting any marketing medium, you should first understand what’s best for your business and the type of campaign planning.

Let’s see how they are different

What is ATL Marketing?

  • ATL is an acronym for Above the line. ATL uses a conventional marketing medium that helps us reach a vast group of audience. The message conveyed aims at reinforcing a brand and also is useful in communicating the product description. The marketing strategy is used to generate a response, which is why it is also called mass marketing.

  • The message and communication language are used by the top integrated advertising agency in India in such a way so that the audience understands and connects to the message easily.

  • The ATL marketing is generally performed at the macro level to cover a large audience. To create the brand image, non-targeted advertising activities are used for a wider reach. This advertising strategy uses TV, radio, newspaper, internet, posters, banners, billboards, and magazines.

  • When businesses use ATL media, the top integrated advertising agency in Delhi focuses on creating brand awareness, educating customers about the various offering, and boosting goals.

  • B2C(business to consumer) companies adopt this method to reach a large number of people in just one go.

What is BTL Marketing?

  • BTL is an acronym for Below the Line marketing.  BTL uses direct marketing activities as they help the brand to build a targeted relationship. It provides an effective channel to the consumer as well as a metric in testing the effectiveness and conversions.
  • The top integrated advertising agency in India uses BTL as an unconventional marketing channel that focuses on a specific group either geographically or demographically either- based on interest or a niche segment.
  • To promote the product, the brands use specific, direct, and catchy means of communication. The B2B companies mainly use this method of marketing. However, some B2C companies also use this method.
  • The top integrated advertising agency in Delhi uses this method to convert leads into paying customers. Many agencies use various activities such as sales promotion, public relations, text marketing, direct mail campaigns, sales promotion, flyer distribution, catalogs, sponsorships, etc. Furthermore, people are involved in engaging with the product. It encompasses product demos and distribution of samples at public places, like malls, residential complexes, etc.

The main difference between ATL and BTL marketing

Here are the points below which can help differentiate between ATL and BTL marketing:

• Above the line (ATL) marketing strategy is a mass promotional activity. It helps in creating the brand image and awareness of the various products. On the contrary, BTL (Below the Line marketing) is a targeted promotional campaign used to start direct interaction with a particular group.
• The top integrated advertising agency in Delhi uses ATL marketing to use various mediums such as TV, Radio, Print media, the Internet, etc., to promote the brand and create mass awareness. In contrast, BTL marketing is used for unconventional mediums such as mailshots, telemarketing, sponsorships, etc., targeting a specific set of audiences.
• When the target audience is huge, the top integrated advertising agency in India uses ATL marketing. However, BTL marketing is used when the target audience is specific and belongs to a certain geographical area.
• ATL marketing strategy is helpful when the focus is on creating brand awareness among people. Whereas Below the line marketing method is used to directly engage with the people and create a lasting relationship.
• In terms of pricing, the ATL method is comparatively more expensive than BTL marketing mediums.
• Also, ATL marketing drives a better customer response. But the BTL marketing enhances the point of sale.
• When a brand uses ATL marketing, it is very difficult to measure the success of a campaign because it is not possible to evaluate the commission. Also, we can’t evaluate how much the sales have improved because of the campaign. In contrast, BTL advertising can help in measuring the results of the campaign.
• The top integrated advertising agency in India uses ATL marketing to convey a message to the audience. It is usually a one-way message. Whereas BTL marketing is two-way communication between the marketer and consumer. It helps in building a strong relationship with the customers/clients.


In the end, we can say that the ATL marketing strategy is an extensive brand-building exercise. At the same time, the BTL marketing strategy is an extremely specific targeted activity. It stresses personalization and conversions.

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